Types of slot machines

slot machines
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A huge number of different functions can be attributed to the winning means. The general set and technical features are limited only by the manufacturer’s imagination. Game resource developers do not stand in one place. To support the interest of manufacturers, the latest mechanical parameters will be invented. If you change the principle of the game, developers often experiment with the number of reels, rows, and active lines. They often add special symbols and unique prize options. After a while, even more bonuses and prize amounts will appear in slot machines. The procedure will be similar to more real traditional games.

There are a fairly large number of varieties of gaming slots, and they can be divided according to various criteria, let’s consider the main ones.

slot machines

Types of gaming slots by the number of reels

slot online machines can be divided by the number of reels:

3 reels: Most often these are classic gaming slots, the principle of their game almost always repeats the principle of playing real gaming slots.

5 reels: The most common slots found in online casinos. They are thematic and can have different plots. Often also have bonus rounds.

7 reels: Most often, such slots do not have a large number of symbols and are not equipped with bonus games. Among the advantages, favourable conditions for victory should be highlighted.

9 reels: In most cases, these slots look like machines with 3 reels. At the same time, there are several slots on the screen that rotate independently of each other. Often equipped with vertical pay lines. There are bonuses and progressive payouts.

Types of gaming slots by the number of lines

Classic three-reel slot machines most often have only one horizontal pay line, but there are also those with three pay lines. In five-reel slots, there can be more than 20 pay lines. This often increases the chances of winning.

Bonus machines

Slot Gacor Hari ini bonus machines are loved by many gamblers, as they allow you to receive good cash rewards because they offer users free spins, extra rounds and other interesting bonuses. In most cases, the player needs to collect 3 or more certain symbols to trigger the bonus round.

progressive automatic

This type is currently quite common. Its main feature is that such slots allow you to win the jackpot. Moreover, the size of the jackpot grows with each bet. The jackpot can hit at any time, everything here is based on random processes.

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