These 5 gaming accessories will make you the King of Christmas gaming

The run-in to Christmas is a dizzying time for gaming shoppers. Just as you buy one accessory, it pops up somewhere else for an even better price and you’re left stumped. But Currys PC World has found a solution to this Christmas quandary. The retailer has been running a ‘Black Friday prices now, or we’ll refund the difference’ initiative throughout November, ensuring that you’ll never miss out on a bargain.

So with these five great gaming accessory deals, you can sleep easy knowing that these will be the best prices you can get for Black Friday. Whether you’re after a gaming mouse, kick-back gaming chair or clackety mechanical keyboard, you can get them at the right price here.

And before we start, remember that Currys PC World is always open online for home delivery, or you can order and collect from the store. 

Logitech G502 HERO SE  


(Image credit: Logitech)

Only £34.99

This mouse houses Logitech’s most accurate gaming sensor ever, with ultra-fast frame rate processing that equates to 400+ IPS across the 100-25,000 DPI range – with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. So what does that mean? Competition-level precision and unrivalled responsiveness. 

Tweakers and fine-tuners will enjoy the DPI settings too, as well as the 11 programmable buttons that can be assigned the macros you really need. 

Extra removable weights let you adjust how fast the mouse zips across the mat, and other premium features include primary buttons with mechanical switches, a braided cable with hook and loop cable tie, and rubberized side grips.

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Corsair T1 Racing Chair 


(Image credit: Corsair)

Was £250 Now £200 save £50

This laid-back chair will buckle you in over long gaming hours. It’s comfortable, stylish and durable, with a wide seat, tall back, and two-layer custom color accents. The soft faux-leather finish with neck and lumbar pillows will ensure every point of contact between body and chair is as comfy as can be. Its reclining seat back meanwhile, lets you lean back as you bask in the afterglow of gaming victory.

Finally, its nylon caster wheels won’t scratch the floor, letting you glide stress-free around the room like a sedentary figure skater.

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Elgato HD60S Console Game Capture Card 


(Image credit: Elgato)

Was £155 Now £100 Save £55

Capture all your finest gaming moments with the Elgato HD60S console game capture card. The Instant Gameplay feature is a highlight here, streaming and recording your gaming on the fly. Its 40Mbps bitrate keeps video smooth with seamless low-latency technology, and its integrated Live Streaming feature lets you chuck your gameplay onto Twitch and YouTube without any complicated setup. 

Stream Command lets you add your webcam, overlays and more to videos – perfect for those who want to add some personality to their streams. And there’s a built-in Live Commentary feature should you want to broadcast your voice. 

With a saving of £60, there’s never been a better time to kickstart your streamer career.

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Razer Deathadder V2 


(Image credit: Razer)

Was £69.99 Now £34.99 Save £35

With ergonomics that have been refined over decades, cutting-edge tech and a lightweight form factor, the Razer Deathadder V2 is a zenith of mouse design. This wired gaming mouse is designed for a variety of grip-styles, so whether you have a palm grip, claw-and-finger grip, or you don’t know what that jargon even means, this is the mouse for you.

It’s super-responsive, packing a set of innovative optical switches using an infrared light beam to register every click instantly with an industry-leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds. It sounds like witchcraft, but works because of an infrared beam that lets a click signal get sent with no mechanical contact. This eliminates debounce delay and unintended clicks, so every shot or action will be executed just as you pressed it. 

Throw in the industry-leading 20,000 DPI sensor with 99.6% resolution accuracy and host of customisation options for the eight programmable buttons through Razer’s excellent free software package, and you get a truly top-end gaming mouse at just over half its regular price.

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HyperX Alloy Origins RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


(Image credit: HyperX)

Was £99.99 Now £69.99 save £30

This gem of a gaming keyboard will brighten up your room thanks to its impressive array of RGB lighting. It attains this because its key switches have exposed LEDs, which makes for some stunning light displays, while actuation force and travel distance are nicely balanced for both responsiveness and accuracy.

But there’s a whole lot more going on here than just pretty lights. Other key features include an aircraft-grade aluminium frame, HyperX red mechanical switches and NGenuity software that lets you build macros and setup per-key lighting to suit. 

Even at RRP it’s a great buy, but this Black Friday discount tips it into a must-have.

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