The best Black Friday AirPods deals: don’t miss the lowest prices of the year

The Black Friday AirPods deals have started extra early this year, so you better get a move on if you want to pick them up for the best price of the year. 

AirPods prices have been discounted fairly often in the last few months in all honesty, with some really haw-dropping discounts. The thing is though, they tend to sell out before we lift our jaws off the floor, so if you see an AirPod deal you like the look of, we wouldn’t think on it for long. 

During the first couple of Black Fridays after the Apple AirPods were released we barely saw any decent deals at all. I’m pretty sure I remember a Walmart deal blowing up for a whopping $7 discount at one point. Things are much better today though as you can see with our price comparison charts below for the three different types of AirPods. Let’s dive in.

Today’s best Black Friday AirPods deals

First up, the standard AirPods from 2019. This version comes with the standard charging case and is the cheapest set of AirPods you can get and the ones most likely to sell out first.

Next up we have the AirPods with a case that you can charge wirelessly with any compatibly wireless charger. Simply pop the AirPods back in their case and place them on your charging station. Super easy to do at the end of the night without messing around trying to get that cable attached. Otherwise, the AirPods are exactly the same as the cheaper ones mentioned earlier. So if you’re not fussed about wireless charging we’d go for the cheaper one instead.

The AirPods Pro have been a big hit since they released and have seen the lowest prices ever recently, so it’s absolutely the best time to buy. Wireless charging comes as standard with all models of the Pro and the jump in audio quality, especially the bass, is much improved over the regular AirPods.

The offer a snugger fit too with the fully in-ear buds design. A recent update added Spatial Audio, a 3D surround sound-like feature to them too, making them excellent for watching for watching TV or mobile content if you use your iPad or iPhone for streaming.

If you’re after some other audio options we’ve got you covered for gaming especially with the best Black Friday gaming headset deals. Or if you’re looking for other items in that field take a look at our Black Friday gaming deals page. If you’re after some fantastic over-ear headphones though, we’d check out this Sony WH-1000XM4 deal.

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