Save big on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD box-sets on Amazon this Black Friday

The Black Friday deals have arrived and Amazon has put a bunch of excellent 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD box-sets on sale. There are some very low prices on classics such as the Harry Potter movies and Jurassic Park franchise, but of course, it’s not just the movies that are on sale, but the TV shows too, with the entirety of Game of Thrones being at a lowest-ever price.

So, if you’ve already spent a fair whack on one of the best Black Friday TV deals and want to make the most of your new box, or perhaps you have a new next-generation console and want to use its Ultra HD capabilities, then you’ve come to the right place. With a 4K TV and PS5 combination, you’ll want to make the most of the discounted 4K box-sets. (And if you’re still after a next-gen console, be sure to keep an eye on the best Black Friday PS5 deals in case more stock crops up).

Also, if you’re a UK-based movie lover, you can get TWO Mandalorian Funko Pop! figures for FREE with a year-long subscription to either Total Film or SFX. It’s 49% off this Black Friday – so hurry, while we’ve still got some Baby Yoda’s left!

4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on Amazon US


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Harry Potter 4K collection | $179 $72.99 on Amazon
Make the most of your new 4K TV with this eight-movie collection of all the Harry Potter movies. A steal!View Deal

Harry Potter blu-ray collection | $46 $24.99 on Amazon
Not made the jump to 4K but still want those Harry Potter movies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and they’re even cheaper on blu-ray.View Deal

Jurassic World 5-movie collection | $60 $22.99 on Amazon
The Jurassic Park movies are some of the greatest blockbusters in history. And now you can own all five for a new low price.View Deal

Back to the Future trilogy on blu-ray | $35.98 $14.99 on Amazon
Few movies hold up as well as the Back to the Future trilogy. Truly some of the best time-travelling flicks of all time.View Deal

Game of Thrones collectors edition blu-ray | $221 $153.99 on Amazon
Are you the ultimate Game of Thrones fan? Relive the epic TV series with this special edition blu-ray collection. View Deal

Game of Thrones complete collection on blu-ray | $170 $91.99 on Amazon
Not bothered about a special edition box-set but still want to re-watch Game of Thrones in blu-ray? This may be the collection for you.View Deal

Steven Spielberg movie collection | $30.78 $19.99 on Amazon
Steven Spielberg’s one of the greats, and this collection includes classics such as Jaws, E.T., and the Sugarland Express.View Deal

10 action movie collection on DVD | $39.98 $24.96 on Amazon
American Made, The Bourne Identity, Atomic Blonde, Kick-Ass 2, and more all feature in this hella good action movie collection from Universal.View Deal

10 comedy movie collection on DVD | $39.98 $21.47 on Amazon
American Pie, The Big Lebowski, Bruce Almighty, Meet the Parents, Ted, and Billy Madison all in one box-set… need we say more?View Deal

4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on Amazon UK

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer complete series on DVD | £42.42 £26.50 on Amazon
Don’t put off watching this classic TV show any longer – get the complete series and get it watched ASAP!View Deal

The Lord of the Rings + Hobbit movies (extended editions) on blu-ray | £62.44 £51.98 on Amazon
One does not simply not own the Middle Earth movies on blu-ray – especially when they’re at this bargain price.View Deal

All 8 Fast and Furious movies on DVD | £30 £15.98 on Amazon
Come for Vin Diesel driving a car from one skyscraper into another, stay for… well, Vin Diesel driving a car from one skyscraper into another.View Deal

The Dark Knight trilogy on 4K | £40 £29.98 on Amazon
There is no better test for your new 4K television than watching Christopher Nolan’s exquisite Dark Knight trilogy.View Deal

Christopher Nolan collection on 4K | £75 £69.99 on Amazon
Speaking of Mr. Nolan, all his major movies are available together in 4K in this beastly box-set. Bring that cinema experience home!View Deal

The Office season 1-9 on DVD | £38 £32.98  on Amazon
If you haven’t seen the Office yet, then do yourself a favour and get this hilarious comedy in your basket now. It’s better than the UK version. Fact.

View Deal

Complete Fraiser series | £40 30.59 on Amazon
Fraiser is a wonderful show that’s perfect escapism from lockdown and silly tier systems. It’s funny, witty, and just brilliant television.View Deal

Total Film subscription with TWO Mandalorian Funko Pop! figures | £50 £32.99 at Magazines Direct
In the UK and want all the latest exclusive movie news, plus two free Mandalorian Funk Pop! figures? Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer this Black Friday. Don’t miss out!View Deal

Those are some of the best Black Friday deals around, but if you’re after more, then check out the best Black Friday Lego deals and best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, because we could all use some fun in our lives.

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