PS5 game deal alert – FIFA 21 is just £30 and is the cheapest way to get a next-gen upgrade

Back of the net! You’ve probably been waiting for that FIFA 21 price drop. Well, it’s here – and then some. On PS4, it’s just £30 this Black Friday and on Xbox One only a VAR-style hair’s breadth more at £32.99. Both are the cheapest they’ve ever been on either console but it only gets better: thanks to EA’s Dual Entitlement scheme, both PS4 and Xbox One versions can be upgraded free of charge to their next-gen counterparts completely free from December 4. So, that’s a new PS5 game for £30 on Amazon and an Xbox Series X game for £32.99. Bargain.

It’s worth noting with the PS4/PS5 version that you’re going to have to be quick to snap it up. Stock is already backlogged so you won’t be getting your copy until December 2 (that’s the middle of next week) but Prime members will get a guaranteed delivery by December 4, which is next-gen upgrade day. Still, if you get it, it’ll certainly rank among the best Black Friday game deals so far today in terms of an unexpected price drop.

No such issues with the Xbox One version – get it delivered this weekend with Prime for £32.99 and dive right into the Weekend League with FUT or get cracking on a Career Mode save.

The next-gen versions aren’t just current-gen with a bit more juice either. There are new animations, new ways to play the game with the new Game Cam angle, and new physics too. It’s promising to be a proper next-gen experience, running at 4K/60 FPS.

FIFA 21 on PS4 (with FREE PS5 upgrade) | £48.99 £30 on Amazon UK
Get the PS4 version now and carry over your Ultimate Team progress on PS5, with added graphical enhancements and other next-gen features. A saving of nearly £20, too.
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FIFA 21 on Xbox One (with FREE Xbox Series X upgrade) | £47.75 £32.99 on Amazon UK
Nearly £15 off this Xbox One version and, again, you get to upgrade for free to the Xbox Series X game on December 4. Improved animations and graphics and a 60 FPS framerate all make this a no-brainer on next-gen.
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