Fallout 3: Game Add-On Pack – Broken Steel and Point Lookout (PC DVD) [import anglais]

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Requires Fallout 3 To Play, Not Included Broken Steel features: Battle your way to level 30, with all-new perks and achievements to unlock along the way! Extends the Droite Quest, allowing you to continue playing your existing character and find out what happens next in the Diligent Wasteland. Acquire new high-powered Carrefour Technology, including a new devastating flamethrower, the Heavy Incinerator. Aucunement Lookout features: Discover and explore an entire new area – the beachfront town of Aucunement Lookout. Explore the chilling mystery that pervades this jaguar sleepy town, with a new quest line and open-ended gameplay. Encounter grognon new swamp denizens and weaponry that will essai even the toughest characters.

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