New Batman set photos show the Batcave exterior and a wintry Gotham

The Batman has a new round of (unofficial) set photos to keep us warm on a cold winter’s night. A good thing, too, because a change of season has even come to Gotham – plus, the Batcave exterior has been revealed and it looks incredible.

These Batman set photos come courtesy of The Daily Mail and show off the icy sidewalks of Gotham as winter descends on the crime-infested city. It might not be Christmas a la Batman Returns but seeing the snow-covered rooftops and the chilly Gotham square being sprinkled with snowflakes should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are also a couple of shots of what looks like the Batcave. Expect there to be some sort of underwater ramp or hidden entrance for Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader to make his way swiftly in and out of his secret headquarters. The interior, meanwhile, is likely to have been filmed on a closed set so expect to see that further down the line.

Still, it’s all coming together. The winter theme especially is interesting. Batman has a peculiar history with the season, with seminal graphic novel The Long Halloween – which saw Bats track down a killer throughout a calendar year – being one such iconic story in which the cold months featured heavily.

Really, though, this is a testament to the set designers working on the Warner Bros. production. Their work largely goes unsung so, while we can, it’s worth taking the time to doff your cowl to the people who so often make the movie magic happen.

For more set photos from The Batman, check out shots of Batman and Catwoman, plus additional images from on-location that tease some familiar foes lurking in Gotham’s shadows.

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