Hello there! Save 33% on the Lego TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet this Black Friday

Have a bricktastic Black Friday with this incredible Lego Star Wars deal at Argos. The Lego TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet (which, yes, you have to build for yourself – you’re not getting away that easy!) is now down to £36.66, a saving of 33%.

Whether you’re planning on having a little Christmas time to yourself with a brand-new project over the holidays or need an ideal gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, the Force is strong with this one. You can look around all Black Friday and – as of writing – won’t see it cheaper. It’s at least £50 elsewhere and is one of the best Black Friday deals so far in a galaxy far, far away.

Based on the iconic Imperial fighter pilot design, the whizz team at Lego have nailed the look, with the oxygen tubes and dark visor glare making us feel like we’re in the cockpit with the Empire’s finest as they try and take down the rebel scum. If you’re in the building mood, there are plenty of other Black Friday Lego discounts to keep this TIE Fighter company at the checkout.

LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet Display Set | £55.00 £36.66 at Argos
This Lego Star Wars set makes a great gift for fans of the Dark Side or, really, want to start building ‘adult’ models for the first time.
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Argos are also combining a few other sets into tantalising deals. The Lego Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack is currently £13 but part of the ‘2 for £15 offer,’ meaning you can double up and grab a more kid-friendly gift for the little ones if you want to ease them into Lego-building for the first time.

Lego Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack Building Set | £15 at Argos (2 for £15)
Four minifigs and a speeder wouldn’t be a bad shout at £15 anyway, but it’s part of the ‘2 for £15’ promotion at Argos so you can pick and choose another set to go with it, including more kid-friendly options.
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Similarly, the incredible The End Ender Dragon set from Lego’s Minecraft range is the perfect gateway into the 2 for £30 range. The Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers set is also available, but the stock is limited so hurry!

Lego Minecraft The End Battle Dragon Toy Set | £19 at Argos (and 2 for £30)
Your younger relatives are obsessed with Minecraft. You are too. This 222-piece set includes an End Crystal, Enderman, and End Dragon and is the perfect toy to for any Minecraft fan.
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LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Set | £25 at Argos
This one isn’t likely to stick around for long. Supply is limited, and you can see why. The AT-RT model is a thing of beauty.View Deal

Still looking for other bargains and Black Friday sales? There are plenty of Black Friday gaming deals available, no matter your console. And if you want to catch up on Mando, check out the Disney Plus bundles currently on offer. This is the Way.

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