Grab this powerful RTX 2060 laptop for less than £1,000

The Black Friday bargains are rolling in, making it the perfect time to hunt down some Black Friday gaming laptop deals! Usually among the priciest additions to a gaming toolkit, we’re already seeing some big cuts to some normally expensive machines. With a £150 discount, you won’t save as much cash with this Lenovo Legion as you might with some other deals, but you’re still getting a quality RTX 2060 laptop for under a grand. 

This Lenovo Legion 5 has an AMD Ryzen 7-4800H 2.9GHz and an Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB crammed inside it, along with 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 144Hz 1080p display. So while you’ll be able to enjoy modern bells and whistles like ray tracing, you’ll have to compromise a wee bit on the resolution. At least you can soothe your disappointment with the decent refresh rate, and the only way you’ll get any ray tracing performance out of an RTX 2060 is at 1080p anyway.

If you’re excited to try out ray tracing for the fist time, be warned that you’re going to have to make a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to performance. While the Lenovo Legion 5 can comfortably run demanding games on high settings and still get a smooth fps that hangs around 60, turning ray tracing on can cut that in half. 

AMD CPU | Nvidia GPU

Lenovo Legion 5 | Ryzen 7 | RTX 2060 | £1,099.98 £949.99 at Ebuyer (save £150)
When Nvidia promised RTX 2060 laptops for less than a grand, we were sceptical, and sure enough, the first barrage was underwhelming. This is more like it though. A quality spec that doesn’t hold that ray-tracing GPU back. Excellent Ryzen 7 4800H CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a decent 144Hz display make this is a great deal. View Deal

I’m sitting here with a 1080Ti in my PC at the moment, so I’m pretty jealous of anyone that’s able to see that shiny ray tracing magic, and being able to do that on the go is another plus. And you won’t have to look like ridiculous when you’re carrying it around, as it isn’t cursed with a gaudy gamer aesthetic. While it does boast an RGB backlit keyboard, the design is otherwise pretty understated. It’s solid, chunky and doesn’t mess about.  

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