Per Aspera review

Need to know What is it? Grand-scale Mars colonization and terraforming management sim with a novel narrative element.Expect to pay: $30/£24Developer: Tlön IndustriesPublisher: Raw FuryReviewed on: AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAMMultiplayer? Nope.Link:  Here on Earth, they tell me we have too much carbon in the atmosphere. So, as I work […]

Activision is suing Netflix for poaching its chief financial officer

In January 2019, Activision-Blizzard terminated the contract of its chief financial officer, Spencer Neumann. Activision didn’t say why Neumann was fired, only that it was a « cause unrelated to the Company’s financial reporting or disclosure controls and procedures. » A Reuters report at the time, however, said that it was because Neumann was jumping ship to […]

Alienware Aurora R11 review

4K gaming seems to be the goal of this generation of hardware, whether you’re talking about the new consoles or PC. Hitting this resolution isn’t anything new, but the issue for years has been striking a stable enough frame rate that the resolution upgrade is worth the trouble. But now we’re seeing 4K gaming monitors […]

Swamp Thing gets new DC ongoing series

As Newsarama previously reported, despite it taking place in the future of DC continuity, readers can expect a lot of creative and editorial carryover when the main DC continuity titles return in March. Now a couple of weeks before their March 2021 solicitations are due, the publisher has begun revealing what their line-up is going […]