Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Are Desperate For Coffee

Every Animal Crossing: Wild World player had a familiar Saturday night routine. They’d head to the dusty old cafe in the basement of the museum to see K.K. Slider sing his little pooch heart out. Sometimes they’d take a seat at the bar and enjoy a cup of coffee.

That’s something they haven’t been able to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Brewster, an owl who makes you coffee (and hires you to make coffee), isn’t currently part of the game. « I miss sitting at coffee shops, it’s one of the few things I miss because of COVID, » said Redditor bimmersandbeans. « It would be lovely to visit a coffee shop in the game. »

A player-made coffee shop. Credit: Birne_Helene
A player-made coffee shop. Credit: Birne_Helene

The Roost, the cafe where Brewster is found, have been a part of Animal Crossing: City Folk, Pocket Camp, and New Leaf. The cafe became its own standalone building in the 3DS version of the game, but there has been no sign of the coffee shop in New Horizons. Datamined info and even in-game dialogue have all hinted at the return of Brewster, but we’ve seen no sign of him in the eight months since New Horizons launched.

« There was dialogue in the actual game itself mentioning him and drinking coffee all the way back in April (same was true for art), » said Redditor Mippipopolous. « I expected he’d come with every update, especially with the fall one, but now I have absolutely no idea. I’m not getting my hopes up for the next update, but we’ll see. »

Players hoped that The Roost would be added with the winter update that brought Toy Day (Christmas), so they could enjoy pumpkin spice lattes as they watched maple leaves fall through the window. But the update came in November and the owl is still missing in action. Some players have made their own cafes to fill the void that Brewster has left.

Another Roost recreation. Credit: MistyCove-Isle
Another Roost recreation. Credit: MistyCove-Isle

The Roost was special in previous games because you’d see some characters in a different light while at the bar. Sometimes you’d run into Phyllis, the night time clerk at the post office in New Leaf, drinking coffee before her shift. You could also run into NPCs like Gracie, Kicks, Tortimer, and others at various points in the day.

Nintendo has said that it hopes to provide updates for New Horizons for the next two to three years, so Brewster could still be added sometime in the future. A lot of Animal Crossing players are keeping a spot open for him on their island. « I was most excited to work towards the cafe when the game came out, » said Redditor peterjuniorx. « I’m hoping it does get added soon. »

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