Shootmania – Im März gratis bei Plus: Schnörkellose Multiplayeraction

Rasante Bewegung ist alles! Das Gameplay von Shootmania erinnert nicht zufällig an jenes klassischer Shooter wie Quake oder Doom. Es ist schnell, dynamisch und jederzeit unter eurer Kontrolle. Die wenigen benötigten Tasten machen Shootmania zu einem Paradebeispiel für das Prinzip « leicht zu lernen, schwer zu meistern ». Die meisten Kniffe habt ihr nach wenigen Runden raus […]

MSI Mag CH120 I gaming chair review

Not everyone wants their gaming chair to look like it rolled off the set of a straight-to-VHS ‘80s sci-fi film. Some of us have work to do too, especially in this age of the home office. If you want a chair that doesn’t fire on all cylinders in the gamer chic department, MSI isn’t the […]

Great moments in PC gaming: Queuing into a Competitive CS:GO match for the first time

Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Image credit: Valve) Year: 2012Developer: Valve I didn’t get into CS:GO until 2015 when I watched Vincent « Happy » Cervoni Schopenhauer’s Deagle ace live in the audience at Dreamhack London. Despite being miles behind, lacking the lightning-fast reflexes […]

Fallout and Elder Scrolls tabletop publisher announces « epic co-operative » Skyrim board game

An « epic co-operative board game » based upon The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been announced. Publicized as a « campaign preview » on the new tabletop crowdfunding platform Gamefound, creator Modiphius Games isn’t giving much away right now, only confirming that the « epic co-operative » adventure will be playable for one to four players (thanks, Polygon) and differs […]

Doom Eternal has reportedly generated over $450m

Doom Eternal has reportedly generated $450 million in revenue in the first nine months of its release. According to the LinkedIn profile of a former id Software, the first-person shooter was a « major focus » for the studio, and while Bethesda had hinted that Doom Eternal was the franchise’s biggest launch to date, this is the […]

There’s a Skyrim board game coming, of course

Today in news stories I expected to write several years ago, there’s an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Boardgame. Imagine that! There are basically no details at this time, though you can sign up on the game’s funding page to be notified of new developments as they emerge. It’s […]

Plans to bring Terraria to Stadia are back on

There’s good news for Terraria fans – the recently canceled Terraria Stadia port is now back on. The unannounced plan to port the indie hit to Stadia was iced when Re-Logic boss Andrew Spinks publicly hit out after being locked out of their Google account for the best part of a month, preventing them from […]

Cobra Kai Season 4 is « officially underway »

Production on Cobra Kai Season 4 is « officially underway ». Although it’ll be some time before we see the results, a cheeky tweet on Netflix’s official social media channels revealed episode one of Season 4 – called Let’s Begin – is in production and has been written by show creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden […]

Settle your Valheim disputes with Viking beer pong

Can’t decide where to place your server’s newest base in Valheim? Furious that your buddy took the last bars of iron to upgrade their axe when you don’t even have iron tools yet? Here’s a way to resolve your dispute: Viking beer pong. Or mead pong, if you haven’t unlocked barleywine yet. Just use something […]