Where to buy Ring Fit Adventure: stock found for the lowest prices

Deciding to buy Ring Fit Adventure for your Nintendo Switch is a smart move right now. Not only is the Ring Fit Adventure price a heck of a lot cheaper than that gym membership you’ll barely use, but you can do it all from home, at your own pace, with only the family pets wondering what’s happening. 

Ring Fit Adventure stock has been hard to come by in recent months, despite it originally being released in October last year. Since the pandemic kicked in, its popularity dramatically increased and it’s widely seen as the best way to get a workout with your Switch. It’s made a nice change from rinsing the playlists on Just Dance too.

Increased demand did mean we saw prices absolutely skyrocket for a while as it was selling out at most stores, meaning many of them, not to mention scalpers on eBay, were jacking the price up. We can tell you though that Ring Fit Adventure’s MSRP is $79 in the US and £65 in the UK. So don’t pay any more than that. We’ve compared the latest prices for you below. The steady popularity makes it unlikely to get any discounts soon to be honest, but keep an eye on our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals page for the latest offers.

Check out our full Ring Fit Adventure review for the full rundown. And don’t forget, you need a Nintendo Switch (check out the latest Nintendo Switch bundles if you need one) to use this as the Joy-Con controllers attach to the device and on a strap around your leg to get the best read on your physical movements. Ring Fit Adventure is not compatible with the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite console as it doesn’t have detachable controllers.

There are plenty of minigames and goals to reach for repeated workout sessions to keep you coming back to Ring Fit Adventures. It doesn’t take up much space when not in use and the sturdy design really lets you put some flex into it, so forget about half-assing it!

Given how well it’s been selling for most of this year we would imagine Nintendo is working on creating some more software for it too. If you’re after some other Switch goodies, be sure to check out our best Nintendo Switch accessories and best Nintendo Switch headsets guides. We’ve also got a comprehensive guide to the best Nintendo Switch games.

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