These Nintendo Switch bundles will be gone so fast we almost didn’t bother writing this

Nintendo Switch bundles have been a rare sight for most of the year thanks to gaming being the popular choice over heading outdoors during the pandemic. So much so the console was regularly sold out until a few weeks ago.

But as the Black Friday gaming deals heat up, demand for Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals skyrocketed earlier than usual and we found everywhere was sold out after the weekend. But if you’re quick, Amazon has two different bundles available right now.

We’ve seen stock vanish while we’ve been writing up stories about it lately, so we really would head on over to Amazon as soon as you can if you’re looking to pick up a Switch this year. We’re not expecting them to get any cheaper over Black Friday when they’re selling so well at the regular price.

The Animal Crossing one has a long wait for stock at Amazon, but Best Buy has it now. The Mario Kart bundle is currently available for dispatch straight away.

Today’s best Nintendo Switch bundles

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | $299.99 at Amazon
Despite the Switch and this game being a few years old now, both have held their value at stores remarkably well. However, with the console’s MSRP being $299 still, you’re getting Mario Kart for free here.
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Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch | $299 at Amazon or Best Buy
Not a bad price at all for this limited edition run of the console with unique pastel colored controllers, bespoke dock, and even a patterned design on the back of the console. Note, this does not come with the game too.
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If you’re after a few extras to go with your new console, we have a few guides you might find handy, which also list the best prices. Check out these Nintendo Switch headsets, Nintendo Switch Accessories, Nintendo Switch memory cards, specifically this massive 400GB one for just $46, and also the best Nintendo Switch games.

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