Should you exile Lady Eadwyn in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Should you give Lady Eadwyn to Geadric in let her be exiled in AC Valhalla? There are plenty of choices to be made during the course of your journey and you’ll find yourself confronted by another during the Oxenefordscire story arc.

The decision concerning Lady Eadwyn comes right at the end of The Saga Stone questline. Once you’ve sufficiently weakened Eadwyn’s hold in AC Valhalla, you’ll meet up with Geadric and start the assault on her stronghold. After you’ve successfully stormed the castle and taken Eadwyn down a peg or two, you’ll need to make a decision. So should you hand her over to Geadric or let her be exiled in AC Valhalla? Read on to find out.

AC Valhalla: Let her be exiled, or give Lady Eadwyn to Geadric? 

When you assault Lady Eadwyn’s castle, you’ll find out quite quickly that she’s no pushover. You’ll be pulled into a boss fight with her and she makes this known—quite pointedly—with her spear. Once you’ve managed to defeat her, you’ll be given a couple of options:

  • Let her be exiled
  • Let Geadric look after her

The choice here doesn’t affect the story in any way so feel free to choose what you think most suits your Eivor. If you’re wondering what happens depending on your decision, exiling her does just that, while handing her over to Geadric means he’ll arrest her, but look after her. Either way, you won’t see Eadwyn again, so the choice is really down to what feels right for you.

Don’t forget to grab all the AC Valhalla Cyne Belle Castle treasure before you leave the area as there’s quite a bit to be found here.

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