Cyber Monday webcam deal: Get a decent 1080p webcam for just $30

For Cyber Monday, the Aukey 1080p webcam is just $30 on Amazon after a discount taken at checkout. It isn’t one of our top webcam models, but our friends at Tom’s Guide liked the wide angle lens, and the webcam it’s mimicking, the superior Logitech C922 HD Pro, costs $120 or more right now if you can find it in stock. 

If you’re trying to go pro as a streamer, you might want to seek out a webcam that’ll provide a better image quality, but if you just want to look sharp for work video conferences or family Zoom calls, $30 is a great price for a decent webcam.

Like many webcams, this Aukey includes a built-in microphone. Tom’s Guide says it comes through clear, although it’s sharp and picks up background noise—that’s the case with most webcam mics, though, and a gaming headset (like the excellent HyperX Cloud Alpha) or table microphone (like the Blue Yeti) is always going to be a better way to capture your voice.

Aukey 1080p Webcam| $59.99 $29.99 at Amazon
A decent 1080p webcam that’ll get you streaming and video conferencing at a great price right now. Note that the full discount is taken at checkout.View Deal

Below, Tom’s Guide’s Michelle Ehrhardt demonstrates the picture quality of the Aukey 1080p webcam:

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Aukey webcam

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)
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Aukey webcam

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

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