A fan has remade The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon

Sometimes people forget about things that happened, and sometimes other people delve into the depths of time so that we can remember those things. One of those things was the Philips CD-i, a commercially failed attempt to get a CD-driven game console into everyone’s hands before the PS1-led fifth console generations really kicked off. Due […]

L’image du jour : Un dock NES pour la Switch

Le principe est très simple : chaque jour de la semaine, à 19h, retrouvez une image insolite ou humoristique sous forme de visuel, Gif ou vidéo, en rapport avec la sphère vidéoludique, high-tech ou geek qui fait l’actualité ou bien qui s’avère complètement intemporelle. À voir aussi : PS5 : Sony explique pourquoi la console est […]

Watch Dogs Legion is only £35 / $30 right now

It might have only been a month since Watch Dogs Legion launched, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from slashing its price to just $30 / £35 across multiple platforms.  Since Watch Dogs Legion is one of Ubisoft’s most recent titles, it’s bridging a gap between current and next-gen consoles. That means, as long as you […]

These are the PC games releasing in December and January

The big end-of-year game for a lot of PC gamers is Cyberpunk 2077, which CD Projekt plans to release on December 10—and this time they mean it. The giant open world RPG has been so highly anticipated for so long, several developers delayed their games into 2021 just to avoid releasing at the same time […]