Bethesda announces auction that will let you design a Starfield character

Bethesda has announced an auction benefiting Make-A-Wish that will give the winner a chance to design a Starfield character.

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The auction is now live at and the current bid is at $2,200, with the value of the auction item marked as « priceless. » You can’t argue that. The description reads, « everyone loves creating their own version of the hero of their games, but very few players get to actually BECOME a character within a game itself. The winner of this package will work with the award-winning team at Bethesda Game Studios, including executive producer Todd Howard, to create a character for their highly anticipated upcoming game, Starfield! » The auction will directly benefit Make-A-Wish’s Mid-Atlantic branch (which covers Washington D.C., Maryland, and North Virginia. There are only five days left until the event that the auction is associated with, so if you’re looking to put in a bid I’d jump on that ASAP. 

Along with the Xbox Series X, the winner will get 16 Bethesda games including The Elder Scrolls titles, DOOM games, and more. Bethesda will schedule time with the development team to create the character within three months after February 28 – could this mean they’re making some serious progress on Starfield?  Considering Bethesda is reportedly hoping to release Starfield in 2021, it certainly seems like it. 

Either way, the chance to create a Starfield character is definitely a priceless prize, and considering it’s going to such a fantastic cause, it’s certainly worth throwing some money at it if you’ve got the financial padding.

If Starfield does end up coming out this year, we can finally turn our heads towards The Elder Scrolls 6.

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