Silent Hill returns, as DLC for a party game

[embedded content] Silent Hill obsessives are used to being disappointed by now, so here’s the latest announcement related to the classic horror series that isn’t a new game or even a remake of the classics: Silent Hill will feature in an upcoming DLC for multiplayer party game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals, which should be […]

Garry’s Mod successor Sandbox is looking lit in new development update

Sandbox, or s&box, is the heir apparent to Facepunch Studios’ Garry’s Mod. We first started hearing about it again last year, thanks to a meme-y tweet from Garry Newman, but since then its gotten a proper website with real development updates. The latest development update goes quite in-depth, explaining progress on Ragdolls, various sandbox tools […]

ONE PIECE FIGHTING PATH : 27 MAI 2021 ! – Post de ShiroyashaGaming

La réservation iOS « One Piece FIGHTING PATH » est ouverte ! Nous invitons sincèrement les capitaines à rejoindre la grande route! Pour cela il faut un compte apple store chinois 😉 Le 22 janvier, la réservation iOS du nouveau jeu mobile d’action One Piece 3D authentique « One Piece Blood Route » est ouverte! Merci pour votre patience et nous […]