This EKWB custom loop kit reignited my love for building a gaming PC

There’s something about building your own custom water-cooled PC from the ground up that makes that moment when the fans whirr to life, and ‘American Megatrends’ flashes across the screen, all that much sweeter. You earned that post screen with your sweat and blood—no, seriously, blood—and damn, if you don’t just want to do it […]

Tough guy biker adventure Full Throttle still kicks ass

Full Throttle isn’t so much a point-and-click adventure as a point-and-kick adventure. While many adventure game protagonists are bumbling, unlikely heroes who make up for their physical shortcomings by relying on their wits to solve problems, square-jawed biker Ben is more comfortable using his fists and feet. More than one puzzle in the game is […]

Win a copy of Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy

Fancy keeping warm this winter with an Ewok hood, Starfighter scarf or Rebel Alliance shawl? Then you need a copy of Knitting the Galaxy (and, er, some knitting skills). The first official Star Wars knitting pattern book, it features 28 different projects, divided up into four categories: toys (cuddly Porg!), costume replicas (like Luke’s flight […]

What Apple’s move to ARM could mean for PC and console gaming

This article originally appeared in issue 348 of our glossy magazine. You can get it delivered right to your door by grabbing a subscription, which will also net you special subscriber-only covers.   You may have missed it, but for the third time in its existence phone company Apple is moving its desktop computers to […]

Among Us was the year’s most ripped-off game

It’s appropriate that a game about imposters would have so many imposters. It was inevitable, too. Among Us is popular, and popular games always get ripped off, but on top of that it’s got an easily reproducible structure which is forgiving of a little animation and UI jankiness, as those things only make deception trickier, […]

Koei Tecmo takes down EU and US sites following cyberattack

A cyberattack on Koei Tecmo has seen its English-language websites temporarily taken offline. In a statement, the publisher confirmed it had taken down both its European and North American websites and forums as a precautionary measure after its servers were hacked on Christmas Day, December 25. Right now the publisher does not believe any financial […]

Sony is auto-refunding players who recently bought this RPG before it came to PS Plus

Sony is reportedly automatically refunding players who’ve bought Maneater in the last month.  Yesterday, Sony revealed the PS Plus games for January 2021 included Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and GreedFall. Now, apparently in anticipation of refund requests, the company is auto-refunding players who’ve recently bought the open-world Shark-life RPG. « Bought Maneater last month. […]